I have been gathering ideas, composing, writing, and editing songs for my latest album, Keys of Life, the last 2 years.  Finally, I am able to release it to the public.  I hope you enjoy listening as much as I have enjoyed composing each of these pieces!

Click the "Play" button below to hear a sample of several songs from the album.

Purchase the entire album as low as $8.99 through iTunes, Amazon.com, Napster, or one of many other online digital distribution services.  Individual songs are also available at these sites.

I plan to release sheet music for all of my pieces in the near future, likely on an individual basis.  Let me know what songs you would like to see sheet music for via the contact page.

Track listing:

01 Walk of Angels
02 Grace
03 Anticipation
04 Fur Elise (Remix)
05 Her Day
06 Innocent Adventure
07 Tell Me Why
08 Forever Found
09 Field of Tears
10 Wishes
11 Every Moment
12 What Could Have Been